In MCNA we take Muslim children from ages 5 – 12 years into 4 different levels Age or Grade appropriate.

  • Level 1           Age 5 & 6 Years (KG & G1)
  • Level 2           Age 7 & 8 Years (G2 & G3)
  • Level 3           Age 9 & 10 Years (G4 & G5)
  • Level 4           Age 10 to 12 Years (G5 &G6)


A child may be placed in a specific level based on his/her Islamic knowledge and understanding. We communicate with parents on regular basis and also give Progress Report after each semester. This allows both the parents and teachers to focus on areas of improvement. We recognize our children efforts and progress by awarding them by gifts and certificates of appreciation and encourage their active participation in the classes.

MCNA Team publishes kids magazine COMPANION too and children are encouraged to write articles in it. Libraries are also maintained in every unit to make Islamic books accessible to each child and family.

In MCNA we follow structured curriculum of Islamic studies established by IQRA International Foundation and Goodword Books. 

IQRA’ International Education Foundation is a non-profit Islamic educational establishment (waqf) instituted to creatively respond to the growing need of our children, youth, and adults for sound Islamic instruction in the modern global village. – See more at: and

  1. Dua’s
  2. Quranic Studies
  3. Seerah & Hadith
  4. Aqeedah, Fiqh & Akhlaq
  5. Salah