Our Mission is:

“Our goal is to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) by educating our Muslim Children between the ages 5-12 in North America to the true concept of Islam and helping them become confident and strong believers according to the Qur’an (The Book of Allah) and Sunnah (The Life of Our Prophet Muhammad saw).”

Our Vision is:

  • To create an environment for children where they find learning as fun and they feel welcomed regardless of which culture they are coming from.
  • Give them opportunities to meet and develop friendly relationships with other Muslim children and families
  • Teach them skills to better cope and proudly own their identity as Muslims with the dominant non Islamic cultures and behaviors around them
  • Develop leadership skills in the children so they can become confident Muslims of the Islamic society
  • Involve parents in the process of education and training of their kids
  • Children behave well due to their understanding of Islamic etiquette and can easily be recognized by their actions.

Program Highlights:

  • Provide syllabus and books     Art and craft
  • Yearly competitions          Summer camps
  • Field Trips          Presentations
  • Essay writing          Speech competitions
  • Green Dawah          Park cleaning
  • Food drive          Companions Magazine
  • Welcome Ramadan          Hajj programs
  • Teachers Training Sessions          Awards, Trophies and souvenirs of MCNA
  • Graduation and Eid Parties          Participation in community services