Our Team

MCNA (Muslim Children of North America) is one of the projects of ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Sisters.

Many units are working all over the Canada and ICNA Sisters are devotedly putting their time, efforts and skills.

All our team members work purely on volunteer basis and have sound Islamic knowledge and proficiency in English Language.

They work with sincerity and keeping the cause in mind; to make kids confident Muslims and ultimately developing love for Allah (swt) in them.

In-charges arrange teachers training workshops time to time throughout the year to refresh the purpose of teaching, teaching techniques and personal training.

MCNA fee is used in stationary, library books, rentals, classroom expenditures, special occasions and printing cost.

We welcome mothers’ to participate in the class and on special occasions like Ramadan, field trips, parties and Eid activities etc. You volunteering help will show how much you value your child’s Islamic education.

Your suggestions and ideas for the betterment and improvement are more than welcome. If you are interested to volunteer with us and want to be a part of this team please feel free to contact us. For your child’s registration, any question or working with us please send us an email on mcnacanada@gmail.com