Canada: A Charming North American Country


The two predominant languages spoken in Canada are English and French. All services and communication by its federal government and citizens are available in both languages. Many Canadians are monolinguals but there are some areas where people are conversationally bilingual or multilingual, as in the case in Quebec and Montreal.

Canadian English is infused with its British influences and American spelling. Some British worlds not commonly understood and used in the US are in fact, widely used in Canada.


Canadian government plays an important role in developing Canadian art and maximizes its exposure through the establishment of many art schools, colleges and museums across the country. Since the 1930s, Canadian painters developed styles which include landscape, abstract and multi-media art. Sculptures have flourished through the creative hands of the Inuit artists.

Canadian literature is mainly written in English and French. Some of their popular contemporary literatures are The English Patient, Blind Assassin, Life of Pi and The Stone Diaries.

Music in Canada is multi-culturally diverse with heavy influences from the Aboriginals, French and the British. In the later years, this country was heavily influenced by the American culture due to its close contact and migration between two countries.


Canada’s various types of food and beverages are shaped immensely by the many years of continuous immigration going on in this country. What is considered as a truly Canadian cuisine may differ widely from each region. Its traditional cuisines are closely related to English, American and French cuisine.

Going beyond the stereotypical bacon and sweet maple syrup that Canada has long been known for, there are endless choices of popular Canadian food that anyone, whether local or tourists can experiment with. There’s Montreal-style smoked meat pioneered by Schwartz’s, a deli shop that sells kosher-style smoked meat and Montreal steak seasoning for over 80 years. Poutine is a famous Canadian dish consisting of french fries with gravy, cheese curds and other ingredients on top. You can also try Beavertail, a fried-dough treat shaped like a beaver’s tail (thus the name) and topped with fruits, chocolates, candies and others.


The most popular games sports played in Canada are Lacrosse, ice hockey, basketball, Canadian football, soccer, ringette, curling, and baseball. Ice hockey is the most popular sport during winter while Lacrosse is the official sport played in summer. Canadian football is the second most popular sport in the country with Canadian Football League championship held annually.


Healthcare system in Canada is one of the best in the Western nations and is widely accessible. Although Canada may provide excellent health care facilities for its residents, it may not be free for visitors; therefore it’s very important for tourists to have insurance before traveling to Canada. Medical tourism companies offer their visitors 30-60% saving in medical care like joint replacement and cosmetic surgery in cities like Montreal and Vancouver.


The booming economy, stable political system, exceptional educational system, relaxed social environment and high tolerance to other culture are what makes Canada one of the most desirable choices for countries to live, work or invest.

Canada has an extensive immigration process in evaluating and admitting new residents. Canadian citizenship can be acquired after three years of residence. You can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence permit under these categories: investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed, skilled workers and professionals.

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