We Sew our Flag on our Backpack

We sew our flag on our backpack because we don’t want people to think we are American – Canadian’s sew our flags on our backpack because we are very patriotic. When Dave and I travel, we love to represent Canada. We love our country and let’s face it, not a lot of people even give Canada a second thought on the world stage.

But when travelling, we certainly make the world stand up and take notice. Our flag is everywhere and whenever we see one, we stop to say hello.

We all speak French – This is one of those Canadian Stereotypes that I wish were true. We learn French in school, but frankly my school French curriculum was terrible. I wanted to speak French desperately growing up. I worked hard in school and memorized my verbs every day.

The problem was we just kept learning the same French verbs right up until my final year of high school. I never became even close to fluent. And now I am an embarrassment to my last name – Corbeil (Very French and pronounced Corbay) The province of Quebec is our French speaking province. Sure there are many Canadians that are bilingual, but most of us are not I am afraid.

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